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BLACKPINK, Cardi B - Bet You Wanna

BLACKPINK, Cardi B - Bet You Wanna
BLACKPINK, Cardi B - Bet You Wanna
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Текст песни BLACKPINK, Cardi B - Bet You Wanna
Блэкпинк Bet You Wanna
Tell me where you wanna go
Ill meet you with my bags at the door
Uh, Im gonna make you go blind
Every time I walk, my hips, they dont lie
Take me to your paradise
Cause I dont wanna wait anymore
Uh, Ill say it one more time
Every time I walk, my hips, they dont lie

You wanna touch, wanna touch? Of course you wanna
You wanna run with my love, but now you wanna
From the club to the tub, you said you wanna
Give me an all night hug, I bet you wanna
I bet you wanna, I bet you wanna
I bet you-I bet you-I bet you wanna
I bet you wanna, I bet you wanna

Something bout mes taking you higher (Hey)
And you aint ever gonna comе down (You aint ever, you aint evеr)
Im lighting your fire (Huh)
And it aint ever gonna go out (It aint ever, it aint ever)

Cardi Take the car keys, drive me crazy
Cardi a good catch but you gotta chase me
Grab my waist line but dont ever waste me
Turn on, please me, but dont ever play me
One of a kind, you cant replace me
Time to shine, I buss down the A.P
The stakes is higher, lets do what we both desire
On God like Im in the choir
I bet you if you make me sweat, Ill still be on fire
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