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Desiigner - Amen

Desiigner - Amen
Desiigner - Amen
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Текст песни Desiigner - Amen
Diamonds dance on me, hop in the while Im talkin , huh

I got niggas in the clear, niggas trap with the trap walk in , huh

I know hitters thatll air a nigga block when the opps walk in , huh

Now I just ride in the Wraith, gotta thank God, amen , huh

Try to fuck with me and my gang, nigga, no we not them , huh

Cant turn my back on my gang,, huh yeah, I got them , huh

And all in my clique, huh, someone shot him

Seven niggas in my clique, huh, always got them , huh

Diamonds on me dancin, yeah, Im from the bottom , huh, huh

Every place I go, thе bitches know who I am , huh, huh

Every fuckin place I go, thе shooters know where I am , huh, huh

Tried to run up on me, nigga, no I got them , huh, huh

Pillow in that Lamb, pillow in the , huh, huh

Niggas say I sound like Future, huh, no, Im not him

Nigga, I am the future, huh, no more top ten , huh

Nigga, Im from New York where we get it poppin

I got niggas in New York, yeah, my niggas grindin
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