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Busta Rhymes - Touch It

Busta Rhymes - Touch It
Busta Rhymes - Touch It
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Текст песни Busta Rhymes - Touch It
Touch it bring it pay it watch it

Turn it leave it start it format it

Ayo Swizz I dont think they ready for this shit

Ayo let me take they ass back to the club real quick

Get low, Bus! Who be the King of the Sound?

Busta Bus back to just put a lock on a town

Lot of my bitches be comin from miles around

See they be cumin cause they know how the God get down Turn it up!

Now you know who holdin the throne so gimme the crown

N**gas salutin and tryna give me a pound come on!

I dont really fuck with you n**gas, you n**gas is clown

Makin the bitches strippin throw they shit on the ground

Get low, Bus! Now thats the way that it goes
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