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Bella Poarch - Build-A-Bitch

Bella Poarch - Build-A-Bitch
Bella Poarch - Build-A-Bitch
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Текст песни Bella Poarch - Build-A-Bitch
This aint Build-A-Bitch (A bitch)

You dont get to pick and choose

Different ass and bigger boobs

If my eyes are brown or blue

This aint Build-A-Bitch (A bitch)

Im filled with flaws and attitude

So if you need perfect, Im not built for you (Yeah)

Bob the Builder broke my heart

Told me I need fixing

Said that Im just nuts and bolts

Lot of parts were missing

My heart feel like a curse of fun

Lurching and [?]

Thats the kind of girl he wants, but he forgot
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