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Twenty One Pilots - Formidable

Twenty One Pilots - Formidable
Twenty One Pilots - Formidable
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Текст песни Twenty One Pilots - Formidable
You are formidable to me
Cause you seem to know it, where you wanna go
Yeah, yeah, yeah, Ill follow you
But you should know
I might be cynical towards you
But I just cant believe that Im for you
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I can die with you
Just let me know

And I know that we just met
But could you take me everywhere youve ever been?
I wanna see it all, no surprises

Fast-forward thirteen years now
Dont know what it was but somehow we played it out in reverse
Im afraid of you now more than I was at first
And I know you just left but can I take you everywhere weve ever been?
I wanna see it all, no surprises
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