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Masked Wolf - Gravity Glidin

Masked Wolf - Gravity Glidin
Masked Wolf - Gravity Glidin
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Текст песни Masked Wolf - Gravity Glidin
I dont got time for this bullshit, loose lips (Word)

I aint ever playin by your rules, kid, ayy (Word, word)

Back then, didnt have the traction? (Word, word)

Yeah, Im on [?] with a floor, thats a kraken

Dont focus on numbers, I aint even here for hackin (Uh-huh)

Gotta keep it fly, paper plane, put respect on my name (Yeah)

Dont float like a drain, Im the dawg, great day

Boy, okay (Okay)

Gravity glidin got me A-okay

Floatin through but I still paved my way

Stargaze trippin but Im A-okay

Gravity glidin like

Pop it (Pop it), I aint have no day-ones (No day-ones)

Dont like the heat? Better get your Aprons (Apron)

Used to hate life (Okay), had my shade on (Ayy)

Used to watch that moonshine, Akon (Akon)

This the shit that I dont like and it aint ordinary (Ordinary)

More than scary, all these birds up in my sanctuary (Brr)

Never hit me up, hurting deep, I was feeling buried

Found my colors and started flying, aint that canary?
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