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Baby Kaely - Ew

Baby Kaely - Ew
Baby Kaely - Ew
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Текст песни Baby Kaely - Ew
Seriously? Look at her hair, ew!

Im trying hard not to stare, ew!

Im like "what the, what the?", ew!

Right, right, ew, ew!

Oh, you got to see this, ew!

This girl must be from Venus, ew!

Shes looking really silly and I look like a genius, ya!

This isnt right! Ew ew!

No look at it look at it! Ew ew!

Oh my gosh! Ew ew!

Her head is such a mess

O.M.G she thinks shes better than me

She musta lost her mind like seriously lost her mind!

So, Im gonna tell my mommy and my mommy will tell my daddy

Then my daddy will tell my aunty then we will be like ew ew!

Now shell be embarrassed

Whats embarrassed?

You know fell stupid, ya

I am really for real she think she all that but ew ew!
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