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Freddie Dredd - What You Know

Freddie Dredd - What You Know
Freddie Dredd - What You Know
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Текст песни Freddie Dredd - What You Know
F R E - double-d - I E, I am flyin like a bee

Bout to hang you from a tree

Its 1984, killin bitches for the low

Oh shit I just nicked some dope

Gonna smoke it like a ghost

Oh baby, oh no, listen to my flow go

Everybody want mo

Sniffin on some snow though

Cold like the tundra

Im tryna keep up unda

Murkin all these cunts

Smokin on a blunt

Listenin to my junk

Aint this so damn fun?

Sucka better run

Unless he want to be gunned

In the sun, with a mothafuckin gun

Bullets weigh a fuckin ton

See me you will feel the stun

No bitch, no bitch, what the fuck you know bitch?

Nothin but the laughing of the fucking [?] death, bitch
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