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Joji - No Fun

Joji - No Fun
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Текст песни Joji - No Fun
Yeah all my friends, NO FUN

F#ck my friends, theyre gone

They all left one by one

And now the summers done

They dont need no more fun

Yeah, I drive round on my own

Im rich but my AC broke

Dont check no mail, no phone

And I tell them Im not home

And I think to myself, f#ck with no one else

And I know its my fault, but I dont care

And I keep to myself, who are you to pretend?

And I know its my fault, itll never end

Yeah, I cant get no sleep

I look so good in green

I run, I run, I run

But I dont have no more dreams

I drive round on my own

Feel dead but I feel my bones

I hide out on my throne

Open up, now my covers blown
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