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Babyxsosa - Everywhereigo

Babyxsosa - Everywhereigo
Babyxsosa - Everywhereigo
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Текст песни Babyxsosa - Everywhereigo
Everywhere I go

They all know my name

Sosa can you hang?

Baby, I wont fold, yeah

Cant fuck with a hoe, yeah, so I chose to ignore ya

Bitches be my enemies

These bitches be my clone, yeah

Sosa can you hang?

Baby, I wont fold, yeah

N***** hit my phone

All the numbers get ignored, yeah

So how come everywhere I go

They all know my name?

Sosa hit a stain

Bro, these n***** phony

N***** pull up four deep

But leave with they hands empty

You can beat that n**** ass

But you cant push up on me

Talk down like Im lame

But, baby, we was close, yeah

Remember walking to the corner store for the woods

N***** dying on my block, Im finna leave the hood
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