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Doja Cat - Woman

Doja Cat - Woman
Doja Cat - Woman
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Текст песни Doja Cat - Woman
Let me be your woman what you need?

She give tenfold, come here, papa, plant your seed

She can grow it from her womb, a family

Provide lovin overlooked and unappreciated, you see

You can reciprocate

I got delicious taste, you need a womans touch in your place

Just protect her and keep her safe

Baby, worship my hips and waist

So feminine with grace

I touch your soul when you hear me say, "Boy"

Let me be your woman

I can be your lady, Im a woman

Im a motherfucker, but they got a problem

Put some babies in your life and take away the drama

Put that paper in the picture like a diorama
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