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Dripreport - Skechers

Dripreport - Skechers
Dripreport - Skechers
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Текст песни Dripreport - Skechers
I tried to stop but I cant stop

I just cant stop thinking about her

I dont know

All I remember was, she wear the Skechers

The light-up ones

Shawty bad with the Skechers on

Wanna hold your hand, make you my girl

Light up, light up Skechers

Light up, light up my world

I like your Skechers

You like me my Gucci shoes

Ill buy you that purse, only if you show me your boobs

I like your Skechers

You like me too

Bring your friends, all of us in the pool

Bad lil b*tch, all my drip make her drool

Brand new whip, come and sit in the coupe

Hmmm, I just wanna make you mine

Hop inside the ride

Nina by my side, promise you it all be fine
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