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1Nonly - Stay With Me

1Nonly - Stay With Me
1Nonly - Stay With Me
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Текст песни 1Nonly - Stay With Me
Stay with me, lil bitch, yeah, you know that Im your mans

You be cappin like a snitch,no thots wont stand

Two hoes, ten toes, new guap, countin bands

New whip, new chips, new kicks, Jackie Chan

And she bad, bad bitch throw it back

I just hit another lick and she be counting all my racks

And I be feelin hella rich, no, Brian, hunnids stacked

Bouta make another hit, goth bitch on my lap

If she fucking with me, then you know I gotta get her

I be feelin like Lil Uzi, got my mind up on the cheddar

Footloose getting groovy with yo ho, she like me better

I aint talkin Ash Kaashh but that bitch, she be my header

And Im posted up with twin Glocks and foreign bitches

No fakes, all they want is guap, I burn bridges

I be getting to the bag, you still cleaning dirty dishes

Two mops send shots at your spot with no limit
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