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Bad Randoms - We Won't Cooperate

Bad Randoms - We Won't Cooperate
Bad Randoms - We Won't Cooperate
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Текст песни Bad Randoms - We Won't Cooperate
All right, Starr Park
We're the Bad Randoms
And we're ready to ruin your day
You want a good time

You're in your brawl prime
There isn't anything (YOU CAN'T DO)
From mystic mountain
To haunted haven

You'll feel the danger when you (MEET WICKED STU)
Got kicked out of the Snowtel
Threw the game and blamed someone else, well…
Why does this have to happen?

It's just another day here with a random
No pass, no kill, no coordination
No hope, no aim, only damnation
We are the bad randoms

And we won't cooperate
A troll trio
We're impossible to tame
Bad randoms
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