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Boywithuke - Toxic

Boywithuke - Toxic
Boywithuke - Toxic
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Текст песни Boywithuke - Toxic
All my friends are toxic, all ambitionless

So rude and always negative

I need new friends, but its not that quick and easy

Oh, Im drowning, let me breathe

Im better off all by myself

Though Im feelin kinda empty without somebody else

Oh, I hear you cryin out for help

But you never showed for me when I was ringin your cell phone

Oh, you dont know how it feels to be alone

Baby, oh, Ill make you know, Ill make you know, oh

(Im drowning, let me breathe)

(Im drowning, let me breathe)

(Im drowning, let me breathe)

(Im drowning, let me breathe)

But life is immaculate, backin it up a bit

Countin my hours and knocking on wood

Avoiding my opposites, chewin on chocolate

Had a bit limited time, but I should

Be good for a minute, dont want to admit it

Im running on seconds, Im rigid, Im screwed

Dont know what to do, Im thinking of you

Im drinking up bottles and bottles of booze
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