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Мот, Memaria - Hotel Rendezvous

Мот, Memaria - Hotel Rendezvous
Мот, Memaria - Hotel Rendezvous
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Текст песни Мот, Memaria - Hotel Rendezvous
Think I got what you want

Then what you wanna do?

Im runnin through your mind

One night for a rendezvous

These feelings deep inside

I might just show a few

Mi amor youre just my type

Good type for a rendezvous

Keep up with my pace

We can make it past first base

Take a risk, dont be phased

Fall in love, Ill make you go crazy

Losing patience, sweet persuasion

Come and take it, oh its yours

Dont tell nobody, want it you got it

This party private, only got room for two

I dont need nobody else but you (You dont need nobody else, baby)

You plus me, no way that we can lose (Cant nobody come between us)

You dont need nobody else but me (I dont need nobody else baby)

One rendezvous, youll never wanna leave

Oh, I know you feel the heat
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