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$Uicideboy$ - The_Evil_That_Men_Do

$Uicideboy$ - The_Evil_That_Men_Do
$Uicideboy$ - The_Evil_That_Men_Do
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Текст песни $Uicideboy$ - The_Evil_That_Men_Do
When I die, auction off all my body parts

Lets see what Oddy cost, summon my skull to shawtys cross

Got all these opps on my dick, like its made of metal

Makin so much money, its like my boss is the devil

She knows me, she loves me, now I ran out of petals

Within the ground of those bits, I rip this phony stem forever

I portray all my pain in an homage to my sufferin saint tale

I been recoverin, Im staining your world grey, yall get back to colouring

Slickity, slickity sloth, [?]

Shoot up the mask, it will [?]

Dippin my arms in the fire and get cuffed like it come with pliers

Liars all around me talkin, hugs and love attaching

Kisses that comes with riches just so they can touch my trust

Fuck, thats some hard motherfuckin truth

Still contemplatin suicide, just upgraded a couple coupes

Morally bankrupt, call the skank up to pretend she love me
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