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Lil Keed, Stickbaby - Real Hood Baby

Lil Keed, Stickbaby - Real Hood Baby
Lil Keed, Stickbaby - Real Hood Baby
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Текст песни Lil Keed, Stickbaby - Real Hood Baby
Yeah, whole bunch of hundreds on me, diamonds on me so frozen

No love for these hoes, I hit her one time then Im done, yeah

Niggas mad cause they ho wanna see me, yes, Im the one

No, I aint worryin bout smoke, Im with Stickbaby the Don

Yeah, Im a hood baby, hood baby

No, I dont care bout your old lady

Yeah, you get smoked cause your old lady

I cut that ho off, I got more ladies

Pourin this red by the four, baby

Yeah, Chanel coat, Chanel kicks

Know Ima drip on these folks, baby

Yeah, Im with Lil Menace and my racks attended

Two racks on my shoes, dawg, I got that at churches

Snake head on my pendant, it hold it together

I told Lil Gotit, "Hold it together"

These niggas try you, shoot it together (woo)

Fuck forensics, we shoot it up, they know we did it, woo

I just told my lil bitch put that pussy on me, ooh

And my main bitch mad she cant tell me what to do

All these F&Ns and chops, they shootin like a who?
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