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Haroinfather - Forever

Haroinfather - Forever
Haroinfather - Forever
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Текст песни Haroinfather - Forever
Forever in my mind, only you (I want you to live
I want that more than anything in this world)
The pieces in my life go away with you (I want you to fight
Like hell to stay with us)
Forever in my mind, only you (With everybody else gone
I know, it might not be what you want
It might be too hard for you to keep fighting, so)
The pieces in my life run away with you
(If you wanna go, I want you to know its okay)
Forever in my mind
I was all alone, on my own, its okay though
Do you really love me, do you really trust me?
(The pieces in my life run away with you)
I was down bad, feelin sad, feelin sorry
Now you really gone
And I cant get you to call me (forever in my mind)
Wanna run away, f#ck this love and fuck this place
If you was a ghost, I would kiss you anyway
(The pieces in my life run away with you)
I cant fill my lungs, feelin like Im outer space
Youre the one I love, but youre the one I hate (forever in my mind)
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