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Macklemore, Tones And I - CHANT

Macklemore, Tones And I - CHANT
Macklemore, Tones And I - CHANT
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Текст песни Macklemore, Tones And I - CHANT
They told me that I vanished

They told me that I had it

They told me that Im gone

I told em dont panic

When youve done it this long

And youve seen magic

And you know it wont kill you

Even when the whole world doubts it

This is my moment

They cant take my talent

They cant take my stripes

They cant erase my hours

Im from the underground, anything above ground is a mountain

Im done trying to impress anybody but the heavens where Im headed

You dont get to hold on to your flowers

I am in my zone, eyes on the throne

20k deep, better pull out your phones

Turning the arena to believers every time I hit the ceiling

Aint nobody ever touching my show

Look at what we started, look at where we got to

Almost ODd that night in the hospital

Wasnt gonna die, more life in the arsenal

Got another shot to pull off the impossible
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