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Chase Atlantic - Friends (speed up)

Chase Atlantic - Friends (speed up)
Chase Atlantic - Friends (speed up)
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Текст песни Chase Atlantic - Friends (speed up)
Girl, tell me what youre doing on the other side

And tell, just tell me what youre doing with that other guy

Cause I aint got patience to slow down the pace

All your girlfriends are wasted

They need it, they chase it

Face it, you want it, you crave it

Believe when I say that youll know once you taste it

All of your friends have been here for too long

They must be waiting for you to move on (woo)

Girl, Im not with it, Im way too far gone

Im not ready, eyes heavy now (woo)

Heart on your sleeve like youve never been loved

Running in circles, now look what youve done (woo)

Give you my word as you take it and run

Wish youd let me stay, Im ready now

Just give me some time and space to realize

That you, were busy lying, sleeping round with other guys

And what the hell were we?

Tell me we werent just friends

This doesnt make much sense, no

But Im not hurt, Im tense

Cause Ill be fine without you, babe (woo)
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