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Hamouda, Balti - Ya Lili

Hamouda, Balti - Ya Lili
Hamouda, Balti - Ya Lili
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Текст песни Hamouda, Balti - Ya Lili
Oh my night

I want to complain to mom

they said no , no

You are a child and your heart is heavy

I want to fly , fly so high

but They want to cut my wings off

Im your son , Im suffocated

and I beg your pardon

The neighbour are all stuck...knock,knock,knock

They all see the life dark

a dry desert (dry desert),knock,knock,knock

to see the life sweeter

and The neighbour are all waiting...knock,knock,knock

Waiting for the bees honey

The board is dark (the board is dark)

The stream throwed us away from the road

yeah , lost in walls and I didnt find a place

in the country of burglars

mom,they forced me to keep silent
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