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XIUMIN - Brand New

XIUMIN - Brand New
  • Жанр: Pop
  • Слушали: 121
  • Размер / Качество 7.39 MB (320 kbps)
  • Длительность: 03:13
  • Подпишись:Телеграм
XIUMIN - Brand New
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Текст песни XIUMIN - Brand New
Ayy, put your hands up
You must be gettin on the fame
You want some new place, new days
Keep on bringin them
Ayy, put your hands up
You must be gettin on the fame
Ayy, put your hands up, hands up

Wake me up for the first time
Call you, oh, you
Im surprised
Baby, let it loose, let it loose
Ill show you one by one
My new look
Completely different
Brand new, brand new(You, you, you)

Erase all the numerous questions [-]
I only see you
Cause I want you
Without any hesitation
Focus on you
My hearts focus

Open up all the new feelings
Like magazine
Its like Ive been reborn
Brand new days
Except for the obvious scenes
Start over
I am so unfamiliar with myself
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