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Pokaraet - Happy New Year

Pokaraet - Happy New Year
Pokaraet - Happy New Year
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Текст песни Pokaraet - Happy New Year
The New Year is coming but
You sitting on alone
Holiday for everyone
But no one calls
Don’t tell that you ok
Cause nothing else to say
Have you tried
Take the first step
To somebody
Who is close to
So what are you waiting for
Isn’t difficult
Happy New Year
Remember that happiness is always near
Maybe you watching wrong way
And don’t notes it
It’s too close to see
Cause its hard to believe
Cause its hard to believe
And it will fall like a long-awaited snow
So pure and gentle like the most real love
Can be
Without any fear
You just have to believe
You just have to believe
Somewhere the one you think about
Thinking about you
He doesnt know excuse to find
To dial and talk
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