SZA - Low
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Текст песни SZA - Low
Tell em to shoot

Im out the loop, Im out of range

Oh, I stay out the way

Got another side of me, I like to get it poppin

But these bitches in my business got me outchea choosin violence

If you see me out in public, you dont know me, keep it silent

In the bedroom, I be screamin, but outside, I keep it quiet

Keep it on the lowski, Im the lowest of the lowest

Wanna see if you can keep it like nobody know shit

I need you to get the fuck out my space (Yeah)

Replacements on the way, please dont play

That pussys feelin like a great escape (Oh, oh)

I need a new trick, old dogs dont change

Im fuckin, I aint makin love no more (Pussy)

You got a new bitch, what the fuck you cryin for?

Im movin selfish, callin all my favorite hoes

You know how to reach me every time and it plays in your mind

With a rush that feels like we committed a crime

Know where you belong, Im gon save you a spot

But cant be outside cause the block is too hot

And Im all on your mind

Wherever you are, dont call me (Lets go)
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