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SZA - Love Language

SZA - Love Language
SZA - Love Language
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Текст песни SZA - Love Language
Said, "Patience aint no virtue with you"

I done wasted plenty time pacin around, aint this cool?

You with bitches on the side and let my mind wonder too

You relentless, nigga, I dont need rent, nigga

Text me like Im waiting for you to come lie to me

All my days sayin, just to hurt me, I cant compete

Still on the way, I lay awake, give you a nut, ooh round me

Im so on to you, still gone for you

Needing you to talk to me in your love language

Show me, yeah, how to connect to you

Help me understand

How you speak your love language

Bad as I wanna be yours, I cant get with your program

Sextin like a slow jam, stick around cause I want to

Bad as I wanna keep focus, you remind me Im imperfect

And it sucks to with me

Nobody put that purpose in me like you do, still

Nobody get that work up out me like you do

Nobody get the truth about me quite like you

You the definition of my right hand

Never mind ridin backseat when you leave me

Talk to me in your love language
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