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YENA, BE′O - Love War

YENA, BE′O - Love War
YENA, BE′O - Love War
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Текст песни YENA, BE′O - Love War
I just didnt wanna fight with you
I didnt want to do this with you
The two of us were madly in love
But now youre looking at me
Like youre going to kill me
Just sticking out your lips
Wont solve everything
If you have something to say, just tell me, mm

These absurd situations
Where you can and I cant
I cant do this anymore, I want you to be hurt
With words sharper than a knife
Its easy to say
Every single thing you do makes no sense
This is a game where everyone dies, kill me now
Oh, kill me (Yeah, you kill me)
You used to bе my lover
Now theres a lovе war between us
The cold expression
And the thorny words
You are my lover
But every day we love war
We love each other
But why do we keep doing this?
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