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Sammie - Kitty Cry

Sammie - Kitty Cry
Sammie - Kitty Cry
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Текст песни Sammie - Kitty Cry
Baby love, here am I

Answer if you hear me

Cause, baby, I’m going down (Down, down, down)

For every time I made you cry

Trust, I didn’t mean it

I’m trapped and I can’t find my way out

I’m like a bird that can’t fly

An angel who’s lost its wings

Girl, without you I’ll die

You left me so I hope you hear my man cry

Oh-oh, oh-oh

Girl, you made this man cry

Oh-oh, oh, oh

Baby, I’m begging

Baby, I’m begging, begging, begging

For you to come back to me

Shawty, come back to me

Oh-oh, oh, oh

Hope you hear my man cry
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