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Slaughter to Prevail - Demolisher

Slaughter to Prevail - Demolisher
Slaughter to Prevail - Demolisher
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Текст песни Slaughter to Prevail - Demolisher
Look into my eyes and see in them your worth reflection

Tearing all the templates invented in tranquillity

Our highest goal is slaughtering by domination

New step, spit on what you call morality

Paradox stepping up the brink of fucking social

To isolated from society

In our hearts, lies the secret formula of life

Grin so they think youre fucking fine, man

Just throw your eyes away and see the pain

You look at me, and youre feeling all your pathetic fears

You just have nothing to say, you are nothing

You feel like through your veins flows your fucking tears

Freak, similitude of God

It looks like he was sick

It looks like he got shot

I just want power like you have

Look into my eyes and see reflection

Oh, slaughtering by domination
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