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Bbno$ - Still

Bbno$ - Still
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Текст песни Bbno$ - Still
I miss you

Everything you did wrong

Would make me feel so right

It was unfair

I cant breathe

Sleeps are just dreams of you

You left behind your future

Hope you were right

I still leave room on the side of the bed when I sleep

I still put twice the amount of grounds in my coffee

I still see us in the mirror when Im brushing my teeth

We said forever, now it feels forever passé

We are forever passé

We are forever passé

We are forever—

Gave you control

You kеpt my friends too close

Ive nеver felt this alone

They took you in

I hope that your bad habits wont break me

And I cant imagine what wed be

If my bad habits didnt make me break up with you

(Break up with you)
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