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Olivia Rodrigo - Making the bed

Olivia Rodrigo - Making the bed
Olivia Rodrigo - Making the bed
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Текст песни Olivia Rodrigo - Making the bed
Want it, so I got it, did it, so its done

Another thing I ruined, I used to do for fun

Another piece of plastic I could just throw away

Another conversation with nothing good to say

I thought it, so I said it, took it cause I can

Another day pretendin Im older than I am

Another perfect moment that doesnt feel like mine

Another thing I forced to be a sign

Well, sometimes I feel like I dont wanna be where I am

Gettin drunk at a club with my fair-weather friends

Push away all the people who know me the best

But its me whos been makin the bed

Im so tired of bein the girl that I am

Every good thing has turned into somethin I dread

And Im playin the victim so well in my head

But its me whos been makin the bed

Me whos been makin the bed

Pull the sheets over my head, yeah

Makin the bed

And every night, I wake up from this one recurrin dream

Where Im drivin through the city, and the brakes go out on me

I cant stop at the red light, cant swerve off the road

I read somewhere its cause my life feels so out of control

And I tell someone I love them just as a distraction

They tell me that they love me like Im some tourist attraction

Theyre changin my machinery, and I just let it happen
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