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V (BTS) - Slow Dancing

V (BTS) - Slow Dancing
  • Жанр: K-Pop
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  • Длительность: 03:10
  • Подпишись:Телеграм
V (BTS) - Slow Dancing
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Текст песни V (BTS) - Slow Dancing
Its about time we get it straight
Gimme a minute if it aint too late
It sounds about right
This cant be forced, babe
It shouldnt feel like this
Hurts too much already
Stay with me til the end of the day

Maybe we
Could be
Slow dancing
Until the morning
We could be romancing
The night away

Turnin’ me up and back off like this
What do you want? Do you not like it?
Stop teasin’ me, girl
Now, you made me leave my heart out here
Step on me and I’ll lift you up
Find someone new again (Got it on, did you?)
We were so much alike
Now we’re just distant neighbors
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