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Olivia Rodrigo - Logical

Olivia Rodrigo - Logical
Olivia Rodrigo - Logical
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Текст песни Olivia Rodrigo - Logical
Master manipulator

God, youre so good at what you do

Come for me like a savior

And Id put myself through hell for you

Hear all the rumors lately

That you always denied

And I fell for you like water

Falls from the February sky

But now the currents stronger

No, I couldnt get out if I tried

But you convinced me, baby

It was all in my mind

And now you got me thinkin

Two plus two equals five

And Im the love of your life

Cause if rain dont pour and sun dont shine

Then changing you is possible

No, love is never logical

You built a giant castle

With walls so high I couldnt see

The way it all unraveled

And all the things you did to me

You lied, you lied, you lied, oh
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