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Bastard! - Fuck That (Amice Remix)

Bastard! - Fuck That (Amice Remix)
Bastard! - Fuck That (Amice Remix)
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Текст песни Bastard! - Fuck That (Amice Remix)
If you think I should change the way I am Just to please you You know, I won’t do that So fuck that You know I won’t change my colors Cuz I love being myself I won’t do nothing just for you So fuck that So fuck that So fuck that You know me, So fuck that So fuck that If you think you’re better than me Just think twice I ain’t tryin’ to show you How special I am So fuck that You know, I really don’t care much about you Or what you say I got no time to lose Don’t bother me, So fuck that So fuck that So fuck that You know me, So fuck that So fuck that Calling on me You don’t like what you see But unlike you I’m free So just let me be You can say what you want Judge me but I won’t despair Cuz I really don’t care Cuz I really don’t care You know me, Fuck that So fuck that
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