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Eduardo Luzquinos & Ezra - Yrn (Remix)

Eduardo Luzquinos & Ezra - Yrn (Remix)
Eduardo Luzquinos & Ezra - Yrn (Remix)
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Текст песни Eduardo Luzquinos & Ezra - Yrn (Remix)
[Intro: Young Thug & Quavo]
Thugger, Thugger
(Migos), Migos, Migo!
Migos, Thugger
Thugger, Stoner

[Chorus: Young Thug & Quavo]
Y-R-N (Hey)
She wanna f**k on the Young Thugger (Thugger, Thugger)
She want a threesome, 'cause she like my friend (Yeah, and wha?)
She leave with us, 'cause we look like we win (We win)
She wanna f**k me (Damn), 'cause I'm with Y-R-N (Why?)
(Young Rich n***a, Young Rich n***a, Young Rich n***a)
Y-R-N (Oh), Thugger, Thugger (Thugger) and Y-R-N (Yeah)
(Young Rich n***a, Young Rich n***a, Young Rich n***a)
Thugger, Thugger (Yeah) and Y-R-Y-Y-R-N (Migos)

[Verse 1: Young Thug]
Thugger, play with kilos
Ocho cinco, I got stripes like a bengal
Snoop dogg ego, Johnny-f**king-Puerto Rico
I stand on that stage and look like a big mosquito (Sheesh)
Hundred bands in a Honda Civic (What?)
Standin' on the stage lookin' like a ton of midget
Leaning like a fool, whole f**king body frigid
All the b*t*hes say I smell just like f**king fishes
Young n***a run ya' motherf**kin' bands up
Young Thug got his motherf**kin' plans up (What?)
Young Thug got all his f**king plans up
I ain't tryna sound though, but my mans up, ya' dig?
Young Thug got kids, ridin' in a fender bender (Sheesh)
It's kinda hard being a Migos when everything never lasts
Young Rich n***a got a b*t*h with some church chicken thighs
I'm a f**ker, I'm a f**ker, I'm a f**ker, I'm a f**ker, I'm a f**ker
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