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Freddie Dredd - Weather

Freddie Dredd - Weather
Freddie Dredd - Weather
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Текст песни Freddie Dredd - Weather
The weather, its never better

It is too damn hot, getting fed up

While I understand you need everything you wanna be

But this motherf#cking heat is getting me

Work, go to work, I cannot do this shit

Hold up, hoe, why you think you in this bitch?

You break, bitch, you stank, bitch

But you bottom f#ckin rank, bitch

Standing acting dumb like you dont know what you have done

Bitch, its hot, feel the heat when Im takin out your teeth

No remorse, Freddie D., now Im killin in the streets

I miss the cold, Im never home

Im gonna go solo, now you know

Yeah, bitch, I know you cant relate

Freddies stackin bread, I got a lot up on my plate

I wont stop pumpin up, Freddie gonna kill a opp

What you mean Im a liar when Im ridin up the block?
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