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Qveen Herby - Sugar Daddy

Qveen Herby - Sugar Daddy
Qveen Herby - Sugar Daddy
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Текст песни Qveen Herby - Sugar Daddy
If its my right to taste the riches of the earth

These bitches better let me work

A private host, a private toast to new horizons

Never mind what I had to do to get these diamonds

He love me, he give me all his money

That Gucci, Prada comfy

My sugar daddy

My sugar daddy (Ah-ah-ah, ah-ah)

He love me, he put no one above me

These bitches wanna judge me

But I dont care (Ah-ah-ah, ah-ah)

Looking back on the boys that I dated (Ooh)

All the popular boys overrated (Ooh)

Give me brains, money bags, if hes ancient

Im a young lady taking donations (Yeah, yeah, yeah)

CEO, might take me on trips (On trips)

Pack a suit, might have a few ships (Few ships)

Love a waitress chasin them tips (Them tips)

But Im a escort, countin his chips

Got a lot, bitch

On a yacht, bitch

In the tropics

Ooh (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
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