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Pouya - Daddy Issues

Pouya - Daddy Issues
Pouya - Daddy Issues
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Текст песни Pouya - Daddy Issues
MTM, hit em with the heat

Sometimes I cant f#ck with your bitchin, wanna buy you a fight

Send yo ass back to yo daddy house so you can think twice

But then I switch up my emotions, rather be with you than forgotten

I cant have this crib to myself, without you I get too cautious

And now Im back to bein alone thinkin about who you f#ckin with

Never wanted to catch no feelins, not too good with apologies

I was used to bein a lone wolf, rollin with a few homies

Who had my back and wanted the best for me

Now I see clearly it aint enough for me

She a nympho

I wanna f#ck, baby let me get yo info

Let me know what you wanna get yourself into

Yeah, I know that you got some daddy issues
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