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Olivia Rodrigo - The grudge

Olivia Rodrigo - The grudge
Olivia Rodrigo - The grudge
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Текст песни Olivia Rodrigo - The grudge
I have nightmares each week about that Friday in May

One phone call from you and my entire world was changed

Trust that you betrayed, confusion that still lingers

You took everything I loved and crushed it in between your fingers

And I doubt you ever think about the damage that you did

But I hold on to every detail like my life depends on it

My undying love, now I hold it like a grudge

And I hear your voice every time that I think Im not enough

And I try to be tough, but I wanna scream

How could anybody do the things you did so easily?

And I say I dont care, I say that Im fine

But you know I cant let it go

Ive tried, Ive tried, Ive tried for so long

It takes strength to forgive, but I dont feel strong

The arguments that I have won against you in my head

In the shower, in the car and in the mirror before bed

Yeah, Im so tough when Im alone and I make you feel so guilty

And I fantasize about a time youre a little fucking sorry

And I try to understand why you would do this all to me

You must be insecure, you must be so unhappy

And I know in my heart hurt people hurt people

And we both drew blood, but, man, those cuts were never equal
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