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Migos, Cardi B - Type Shit

Migos, Cardi B - Type Shit
Migos, Cardi B - Type Shit
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Текст песни Migos, Cardi B - Type Shit
It cost a half a ticket for a glass wrist (Half a milli)

But it aint cost me nothin for this bad bitch, aint cost me nun ho

We the ones that break the stage (Break), then get paid (Pay)

Came in the game, get your stain, bet the opps know all our names (Bitch)

Aint you entertained (Ho), I bossed her now she plain (Plain)

The struggle where we came (Struggle), theres smoke behind my game (Smoke)

Shots get to firin, cause some n***** got to hittin (Hittin)

Made em spin twice, cause I swear I thought he missed (Go)

Fuck that smoke shit, I got ice on my wrist (Ice)

Still get my hands dirty, Ill wash em till its drenched (Soo, soo, soo)

Look up in the sky, its a bird, its a plane

Bitch its the Rocket with all of these chains (Bitch its the Rocket)

She got a n****, but shit, she told me she doin her thang (Shit, thats cool)

Where theres a plug, well none are more rocking right now on terrain
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