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Freddie Dredd - Tool

Freddie Dredd - Tool
Freddie Dredd - Tool
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Текст песни Freddie Dredd - Tool
Whered you get the tool? I just got it from the store

It was 3:45, now you sobbin, now you die

Please dont hurt me, I dont care, now say goodbye

Start to capture f#cking blessings, now your souls in the sky

I like brain, Im insane and Im here to take your reign

Im the king, Freddie, sing, watch your body slowly swing

Blow our brain just because and Im f#cking with the Bloods

You a dud aint my bud, blood flowing like a flood

Two-tone, hollow tips, Im the devil, you the bitch

Tell me you aint with the shits, Freddie, throw a f#cking fit

When I tie you up you acting silly you insane

Beggin, beggin for your life, I cannot hear what you are saying

Crying way too God damn much, you are such a f#cking lame

Talking all that stupid shit until the Freddies in your lane

Look at my shiny hammer, I think Ima name it slammer, bitch

Aim to your head, now you dead, time to go to bed
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